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Basic Firearm Safety Rules

1. Always keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction.

2. Handle all firearms as if they were loaded.

3. The trigger finger stays out of the trigger guard until the firearm is on target and the decision to fire has been made.

4. Make sure the firearm is in good working order and the barrel clear of obstructions.

5. Always check your target, backstop, and the surrounding area before firing.

6. Quality ear and eye protection should always be worn while shooting or observing.

7. When storing a firearm, the firearm should be unloaded, secured in a safe storage case and out of the reach of children and untrained adults.

8. Only use ammunition recommended by the firearm manufacturer and always check caliber and condition of ammunition before loading the firearm.

9. Firearm transportation is regulated by Federal, State, and local laws. Always transport your firearm in a safe, unloaded condition and in accordance with applicable laws.

10. Certain medications, alcohol, and firearms do not mix. Never allow anyone to use firearms when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

11. The safe and rational use of a firearm relies on common sense and proper training of the user. Follow safety rules and think before using a firearm.

12. Thoroughly read and understand the users manual that is supplied with your firearm. Never use any firearm unless you completely understand its operation and safety features.

General Handgun Club Rules

A Range Officer is required for all matches and target shoots All members will follow the commands of the Range Officer
No firing is to take place until the Red Flags have been put up at front gate and on the range Only lead projectiles are to be used
No one may handle a firearm while a person is down range. Any member who observes an unsafe practice may call a Cease Fire by shouting "Stop, Stop, Stop"
Range Officer approval is required prior to set-up Jacketed or Heavy loads may only be used at the committees discreation
No animals on or near the ranges. Children must remain under adult supervision at all times Documentation must be completed for every match and target shoot and for all visitors on every occasion
No alcohol to be consumed on any range at any time No Smoking near ammunition
Be professional and courteous and remain quiet while others are shooting

Training and Instruction

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WISCI | Safety

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